SAP Business One Overview

Need more than just accounting tools? Capture all of your business information in a single ERP system

Companies often acquire multiple point solutions to meet specific needs as business expands; for example, an accounting application to manage general ledgers and invoices, or a warehouse management solution to keep track of inventory. Keeping this combination of applications up to date, integrated, and running smoothly can be a challenge. To get a picture of what is happening in every part of the business takes a lot of work and requires information to be extracted and reconciled across many systems. While such applications may serve for a time, ultimately your business needs a more flexible and integrated solution.


 Get answers to your most pressing needs with integrated business intelligence

The Challenges Facing Small and Midsize Businesses Small and midsize businesses focus first on increasing sales and profitability. Getting orders from customers and fulfilling them at a profit is always job one, and software can be a tool to increase efficiency and productivity. But at some point, especially if growth has been rapid, most businesses find that the process of increasing sales is being slowed down because information is not flowing smoothly from one part of the business to the other. This can happen for many different reasons.


SAP Business One designed for all your small and midsize company’s needs

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