SAGE 50 is an accounting software used by small and midsize businesses to improve the performances in the area of sales, HR, Payroll, accounts in a way that it is easily accessible to all under one integrated system.

SAGE 50 is ideal for the businesses who want to grow faster and develop end to end desktop accounting software providing with every accounts solution from customers invoicing to suppliers payment.

SAGE 50 can be installed in your local computer using Microsoft Excel program. It features automatic check of your accounting system with great graphical presentation and reports and provides with automatic backups shared to everyone in the organization.



SAGE 50 helps to run the accounting operations of the business run smoothly. Find top reasons to choose SAGE 50 for your business and make a way to success.


Users Friendly Software

SAGE 50 is a software that is easy to use. Moreover, it makes the accounting easy in some clicks. You can have accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer receipts, budget, cash flow in one integrated system.

Organized System

SAGE 50 makes the complexities of accounting simple for the users by its organized system. You find everything and anything in one place.

Budget Manager Tool

With SAGE 50 all profits, loss, cash flow is in front of you, in this way you can keep positive cash flow.


SAGE 50- An Accounts’ Expert

Everyone does not know about accounting much and as a human cannot bring accuracy much, but with this software, you can have account expert in whatever desktop you required. This software maintains the record and gives report accurately and timely.

VAT Management

This software itself manages returns by verifying VAT and then you can submit this to the required place from your software directly without much hassle thus saves your time and effort with the best of services.

Manages Business Performances

SAGE 50 manages business performances by preparing different reports, doing work of sales and finance of your business which ultimately helps you to analyze the performance and make improvement in that accordingly.

Multiple Currencies And Languages

SAGE 50 deals in multiple foreign currencies and languages which helps your business to do the operation from wherever required and understands your needs according to your wish with easy accessibility towards tools.

Customization Options

SAGE 50 solves everything according to you. It has great customization option through which you do the things how you like removing the restriction of the system.

Integrated System

SAGE 50 has the amazing system of integration. From manager to everyone the data can be used in the same form and manner and everyone sees the system in one format. This system is adaptable according to business growth in the market.



With SAGE 50 Accounting you can become stress-free with these things as it is an expert tool to manage these of your business with accuracy and reliability.


  • Ledger Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management
  • Chronological Entry of all the sales and purchasing activities
  • Invoice Generation and Management
  • System Auditing
  • Taxations
  • Currency Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Delivery Management
  • Preparation of Bank Statements
  • Intelligence Reporting through Sage 50


Customer Management


  • SAGE 50 helps build a good relationship with the customer by providing them with every suitable service they require
  • Makes invoices, quotes, and statements for customers
  • Finds customer information and hide customers that are inactive
  • Helps in refund process and making discounts
  • Works with foreign customers and deals in their currency as it operates in multiple currencies

Suppliers Management


  • SAGE 50 helps suppliers with providing them invoices and statements.
  • Makes budgets for their ease
  • Saves suppliers every required record in one place
  • SAGE 50 helps in urgent payments record and outstanding payment modes easy
  • Purchase invoices are made within no time

VAT Management


  • SAGE 50 efficient tool VAT Wizard helps in completing VAT return
  • tax management using SAGE 50 is now easy
  • Inbuilt calculator in this software helps the customer to reconcile VAT easily
  • Manages VAT Cash accounting system
  • Provides VAT verifying system

Inventory Management


  • Defines properly inventory management system
  • Using this software business are able to configure codes, description, and prices
  • Allows to add barcodes and QR codes to make the work speedy
  • Report and invoices are setups in this software
  • Out of stock products are hidden through this software