Human Resource & Payroll Management Solution – A Must

have HR System for Streamlined Operations

hr-software in Dubai

Do you want to automate your human resource system for onboarding your employees? Well, it is a perfect place for you to find such a solution which will record all the essential details of your employees and update it according to the requirements of the situation. This HR system will make possible to generate all types of reports by just clicking a single button.

As the size of the organization increases with a passage of time, there is a need to incorporate an intelligent HR system into the business to keep the operations and productivity consistent with a progressive growth. The team of experts at BTC is just the ones to consult and hire services.

We have expertise in designing the customized HR software solution for the SMEs in UAE and GCC region as well. Now you can manage your employees, generate meaningful reports and secure data on a cloud in just a few clicks.  Some of the features are discussed below:

Quick and Easy Registration of New Employees

  • Make the registration of new employees easier and faster through our fully functional HR system for the companies in UAE.

  • Will be able to onboard the newly registered employees in the most convenient way with complete details.

Managed and Secure Legal Corporate Documents

  • All the companies in UAE and GCC to manage HR system according to the regulations for that, the compliance is a must which can be achieved by hiring our expert services.

  • The system can guide you smartly through all the legal processes and documentation to help in creating an automated system and keeping the business growth incremented.

Accurate and Smart Tracking

  • The automated HR system for the companies in UAE helps you to keep a properly managed track of all the legal documents which will give you a reminder before the expiry date.

  • This system also keeps the record of all health and medical insurance of the employees and make sure that everything is under the legal framework designed by the government of UAE.

Employee Management System

  • Automated HR system also keeps your administration process up-to-date
  • It provided you all the details by sending a simple command through simple clicks.
  • You can also handle the leave management system of all the employees, salary slips,

    employee calendars, no objection certificates (NOC) for different needs, employee expenses and the performance sheet of each employee.

  • Employee benefits and compensation are also the part of this HR system for your company in the United Arab Emirates.


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