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To meet the international standards of business strategies, businesses need to control costs, otherwise they will not be able to compete and maximize profitability. If you want to remain a part of today’s fast paced business arena, you must incorporate Sage 300 ERP, which is a specially designed business management solution to keep all business operations and activities on track and under control. It helps you control total cost with the support of multiple technologies, databases and operating systems. As your business grows, it builds up as well and supports youin handling multiple languages and controling multi-currency transactions also.
Sage 300 ERP has tools that help you analyze new business opportunities. It supports the management to improve productivity, make the business transactions easier, manage business operations accurately, envision success and maximize business growth.
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Need the most comprehensive tool to run your business successfully?
SAP Business One is an ERP solution to run your business operations and manage financial activities and streamline all processes. It is an ideal package for small and medium-sized enterprises and more than 55000 companies across 150 countries trust its modules and functions to operate businesses efficiently. You can control all the departments of an organization through SAP Business One such as inventory control, marketing, sales, finance, accounting, human resource and business operations, etc. SAP business one helps you take faster and better decisions after forecasting the situation while analyzing the actual business situation and monitoring the generated reports.
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Sage 50

To manage your day-to-day finances and accounting activities, Sage 50 offers the best solution. It keeps all the business transactions on the track and helps small and medium-sized businesses improve the precision and accuracy of financial accounting. Moreover, it adds efficiency to the business processes.
Sage 50 provides a large number of in-built reports to help you analyze the business situation deeply and take decisions according to the analysis. You can analyze the business profitability, balance in between receivables and payables, product performance, inventory balances and many more to get the clear picture of the business. Inbuilt facility of working live on the data makes it one of the most convenient ways to run the business efficiently and effectively.
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Consultation is a key to the implementation of ERP software in the company. BTC-ME provides these services in all the cities of the UAE to help businesses improve their performances. We also suggest ERP and CRM solutions after analyzing the businesses to help businesses meet their goals in an efficient way.


To run a successful business venture with ERP software, you need to implement it through a systematic and structured approach and we, at BTC-ME, follow it effectively to make sure that all the components work efficiently. We make sure that workflow is according to business requirements, all the business operations and activities are integrated and organizational structure has been established.


While implementing ERP software, trainings are compulsory. Mostly, the companies are concerned when it comes to employees’ training session because it costs them more and employees may end up wasting their time. We adopt “train a trainer” approach, which means we will train a single person and he will take the responsibility of all others. ….


To develop a better customer relationships, we offer unconditional support to all our clients. We know that if we will not provide it, our clients will suffer and find someone else to resolve their issues. Our award winning ERP software support team is available in all major cities of the UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah for your convenience.

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